I feel just sensational and all around beautiful!

If I allow myself the time for an Ayurveda cure, then the detoxification and regeneration is an important aspect in my cure! But at the same time my unloved hip gold should melt away during the cure like ice in the sun! And there it does not go me at all differently like many of my customers. Of course, everyone knows the reasons for a constantly fluctuating weight! Long sessions at my desk and typing my fingers on my keyboard are probably the only movement of the day – especially in winter. In addition, my appetite as a Pitta woman is huge, the portions accordingly lush! My share of KAPHA also ensures increased sense of pleasure when eating!

Stress makes the hip gold grow

Unfortunately – when I’m stressed, I like to snack on sweets or cakes. Probably the biggest culprit for my excess weight is the late dinner with my husband at the well-deserved end of work. I used to lose those pesky kilos very quickly in my spring diet at home, but now winter flab shows up more stubbornly. And another fact: According to Ayurveda, the power of the metabolism decreases very quickly beyond the age limit of 60! In short to the point: My energy intake is much higher than the consumption.

Intention and goals

Garten Üure nature Ayurveda House
Ein Platz an der Sonne

In October I took a time out at Pure Nature Ayurveda House! Some Panchakarma cures I have already experienced. Nevertheless, I am amazed every time again how quickly I lose the annoying hip gold of 4 kilos in a cure! My motivation was already very high at home. So my goal “weight loss” was also important for the conversation with the Ayurveda doctor Dr. Surani. Immediately, the intensive treatment plan and the appropriate herbal medicine were agreed upon in the house with all employees in the kitchen and Ayurveda center. The turbo for my metabolism to the smallest cell should start.
Allow me quickly the hint for people with large overweight: If you have enough time available, the success is quickly visible and can have a lasting effect! A wonderful side effect: The unsightly dents on the thighs and parts of the body are greatly reduced and the skin regains its old elasticity.  

My cure follows a clear concept

1. Using the power of lemon and honey

Honey lemon water
before breakfast

  • ½ lime / lemon and a teaspoon of honey are dissolved in warm water ( please not hot)
    and drunk before breakfast.
  • Lemon supports the elimination of toxins in your body through the transport channels (srotas)
  • Lemon or limes are proven to help fat loss
  • The honey has a scraping and drying effect

2. The right oil boosts my metabolism

Of course, like all guests, I receive soothing head massages. Facial massage, foot massages, Abhyanga (full body oil massages) and the famous Shirodhara (oil jet on the head), which calms the entire autonomic nervous system. There are up to 100 Thailams (herbal oils) in Ayurveda! Dr. Surani chooses for me the supporting oil against fat deposits and toxins. It penetrates through the skin deep into the tissue and dissolves the deposits there! The warm temperatures in Sri Lanka open my pores and I sweat out all the toxins. Otherwise, the waste products are transported out of the body through my digestive system and then leave it when I go to the toilet.

Ayurvedische Pulsdiagnose

3. Special treatments against my fat deposits

Es gibt verschiedene Ayurvedabehandlungen, die den Abbau von überflüssigem Fett, Lymphstau und großem Körpergewebe intensiv unterstützen.

Udvarthana – the powder massage with peeling effect

First, the body is gently massaged with warm herbal oil! Then a powder mass is applied to my entire body. Both are allowed to absorb in peace. Now the therapist massages the powder mass into the skin with a firm hand. The movement here is in the direction of the heart – upwards. You can believe me: the feeling during the treatment is gigantically good. I can feel the warm energy spreading through my body, and already on the treatment couch I can feel my metabolism kicking into gear. Udvarthana attacks the fat layer directly under the skin, loosens it there and the fat flows away via the lymph or blood circulation. An increased urge to urinate is also a sign of the success of the treatment, because the water retention is immediately flushed out.  

Svedana – Steam/Sweatbox

In Ayurveda, we call all slags and toxins AMA. The sweat bath after the powder massage ensures the removal of AMA from the body tissues and our transport channels. Dissolved fats, thickened body fluid or water retention, slags are flushed out by the hot steam in the Svedana.  The head in Ayurveda always remains cool and exposed, this is also important to me. I don’t tolerate the hot sauna very well at home. My therapist always stays close to me and watches me, asking about dizziness or if I tolerate the heat well! I can feel my body sweating out more water – there’s quite a bit going on. Afterwards, I get into the shower and rinse off the oil and powder under the running water. I am a little exhausted and look forward to my hour of rest on the lounger in the garden.

Pure Nature
Pinda Sveda Behandlung – eine Thermomassage

Hot stamps and herbal pack

Incidentally, I am plagued by a tense neck and minimally stiff joints in my hands. I also address these aspects and Dr. Surani orders oil baths for the hands, an intensive thermal stamp massage (Pinda Sveda) for the entire back and Lepa overlays (herbal powder pack) on the neck. I have observed for years that through the intensive support of the metabolism and the consistent elimination, many complaints miraculously disappear. This effect is further supported by the daily intake of the appropriate herbal medicine.

Shiro-Lepa (Headpack)

Paradise pampering mode

Freshly harvested and ripened should be the products that are prepared fresh daily in the Ayurveda kitchen. Especially the fresh papaya is an important component in an Ayurveda cure and tastes simply delicious there in Sri Lanka. In the morning they serve the fresh herbal soup Kola Kanda (the vitamin booster with many green herbs), the lovingly decorated fruit plate with ripe fruits and steamed pulses or rotis. The diverse world of spices here in Sri Lanka provides the tasty curries of vegetables and herbs at the lunch table. A varied menu is based on the Ayurvedic doctrine of the six flavors that a meal should necessarily contain, and takes into account all constitutional types. The cook pays special attention to the effect of spices for the metabolism of food. Spices support the digestive fire AGNI, which is responsible for optimal metabolism. In Ayurveda, the saying goes, “You are what you digest!”

Pure Nature

Pleasure and no renunciation as a diet plan

You can easily follow a strict diet plan: The doctor’s recommendation for the evening is only soup until you are full! For lunch or dinner, you order half a portion for the main course and dessert. On my group trips, I observe a phenomenon: At the beginning, the guests do not find it easy to eat smaller portions. If the table is richly set and there is such a tempting smell everywhere, the enjoyment and pleasure of the meal usually wins out. We then allow the guests a time to get used to it! In the course of the following days they already feel a harmonization of their doshas and the unrestrained appetite or even great hunger is gradually lost. I find this remarkable: In Sri Lanka I don’t need coffee, cake, chocolate or licorice! I feel full and happy all around after every meal.

Pure Nature
Frisches Gemüse und Hülsenfrüchte

The game of scales and caressable skin

I know this very well at the end of every cure: In Sri Lanka, the needle of the scale does not show my desired weight. The warm and humid climate is the reason. Nevertheless: The final talk with the doctor has brought me back on the track of Ayurveda. At home it was very easy to follow the doctor’s rules for 3-6 weeks! In addition, the cooler climate at home and more exercise during the day ensures that I reach my desired weight very quickly. Regardless of the weight, a whole new body feeling accompanies me after the Panchakarma cure. The skin is soft to the touch, the tissue (especially on my hips and thighs) is firm again and the cellulite is demonstrably less. I enjoy the new lightness and of course I see myself in the mirror. How much has changed! I feel sensational – simply beautiful all around! 

Absolutely suitable for men

As a message to all men: It has been proven that the number of men taking a cure is constantly increasing! It takes perhaps a little more persuasion until “man” overcomes himself to book a regeneration cure!
What then is the result that convinces even the biggest skeptic? A terrific feeling of new energy and stamina for all challenges in everyday life! Tension in the muscles disappears, pain in joints and knees is no longer present. Up to 10 kilos of body weight are left behind in Sri Lanka. Men also love this great body feeling!

Nacken- und Schultermassage

Exhaustion and lack of steadfastness?

Does your constitution correspond more to the VATA type? Do you want to lose weight quickly? You wish for more strength and energy to stand firmly on both feet in life again? Lack of sleep and insomnia accompany your everyday life? Don’t worry, the Ayurvedic doctor has a treatment concept ready for you – we call this form of treatment RASAYANA! I will tell you more about it soon.

Ayurveda – Your path to pure happiness