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PURE NATURE AYURVEDA HOUSE is devoted exclusively to Ayurveda guests! The appealing architecture of the house, along with the entire ambience of this tranquil, perfectly secluded location, embedded in sumptuous nature on a slope overlooking the Dedduwa River near Bentota, is totally devoted to honouring the ancient practice of Ayurveda.

We live in a world that could not be more challenging or stressful. PURE NATURE AYURVEDA HOUSE offers a space to completely calm and harmonise the MIND, BODY and SPIRIT. The sense of BEING is brought to the fore. A PLACE of ALTERNATIVE CONSCIOUSNESS! A consciousness of LOVE, WHOLENESS, JOY and LIGHTNESS.

To Paradise

Our Vision


Our Ayurvedic treatments promote your health, detoxify your body, regenerate and reinvigorate the self-healing powers of your body.

Mind & Soul

Ayurveda unifies the body, mind and spirit into a single entity that constantly interacts with the environment. We help you to regain the balance.


Make your food your medicine! Ayurvedic nutrition purifies and detoxifies the body, restores the balance and consequently deprives illnesses of any fertile environment.

Our Team

The entire team at Pure Nature Ayurveda House looks forward to fulfilling your wishes and attentively guiding you through your Ayurveda spa experience.

Our team comprises the management, our Ayurveda doctor, four Ayurveda therapists, the service personnel, the room boys and our gardeners.

Offering ample calmness and empathy, we are at your disposal to ensure you enjoy a long-lasting spa treatment and relaxing stay within a fascinating natural environment.

“A journey of self-discovery – pure life!” Read the blog article here!

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