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My successful Ayurveda spa at PURE NATURE AYURVEDA HOUSE

We are delighted and honoured to be able to share the wonderful feedback of Bettina Kohl with you. With a long track record of over 30 years of professional experience as a marketing manager, she has also been a recognised and certified Feng Shui consultant for a number of years. After her stay at our PURE NATURE AYURVEDA HOUSE Bettina took the time to express her enthusiasm.

Thank you Bettina! We look forward to seeing you again!

“Looking to press the RESET BUTTON and finally do something really good for yourself and your body? Last month, while seeking greater balance and health in my life, I found myself at an Ayurveda spa. Discover more in my highly personal report and read how my CHRONIC SYMPTOMS have consequently IMPROVED IMMENSELY – also including a whole host of VALUABLE TIPS for you!” Read the article here! 

Ayurveda and lipoedema – my personal experienc

Tune in to the experience! Natalie Stark from the Podcast Mind Body Life – A good life with lipoedema has recorded a podcast discussing her two-week stay in March 2018. Having reached the limits of western medicine to alleviate her lipoedema symptoms (chronic fat distribution disorder), she discovered Ayurveda by pure chance.

In her podcast episode she lifts the lid on how she found herself in Sri Lanka at PURE NATURE AYURVEDA HOUSE, how her Ayurveda spa progressed and its subsequent effects, and how things have gone since the spa treatment.

Listen to the podcast!


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