We live in a world that could not be more challenging or stressful. PURE NATURE AYURVEDA HOUSE offers you a space to completely calm and harmonise your MIND, BODY and SPIRIT. A place, where the sense of BEING is brought to the surface. A place of ALTERNATIVE CONSCIOUSNESS. A consciousness of LOVE, WHOLENESS, JOY and LIGHTNESS.

PURE NATURE AYURVEDA HOUSE is devoted exclusively to Ayurveda guests. The appealing architecture of the house, along with the entire ambience of this tranquil, perfectly secluded location, embedded in sumptuous nature on a slope overlooking the Dedduwa River near Bentota, is honouring the ancient practice of Ayurveda.


Ayurveda is a TRADITIONAL MEDICINE that is still practised by many in India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. Translated literally, Ayurveda means ‘KNOWLEDGE OF LIFE’ or ‘life science’. Ayurveda is based on a combination of experience and and philosophy that focuses on the PHYSICAL, MENTAL, EMOTIONAL and SPIRITAL ASPECTS important to both human HEALTH and ILLNESS. As such, Ayurveda is a HOLLISTIC APPROACH.


At Pure Nature Ayurveda House you will experience an authentic Panchakarma cure. The program is based on 3 pillows: Body, Mind & Soul and Nutrition.


Our therapeutic Ayurvedic treatments promote your health by detoxifying your body and regenerating and reinvigorating its self-healing powers.


We help you to regain the balance. Our Ayurveda program unifies body, mind and spirit into a single entity that constantly interacts with the environment.


Our healthy, ayurvedic nutrition purifies and detoxifies your body, restores its balance and consequently deprives illnesses of any fertile environment.


Our Panchakarma treatments are all inclusive. Our doctor will design an INDIVIUDAL TREATMENT PLAN for you. All medical consultations, massages, herbal baths, steam baths, special treatments for individual symptoms (except acupuncture), Ayurvedic medicines, Ayurvedic meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks), as well as unlimited bottled drinking water and herbal tea are included in the price.

Five days a week we offer HATHA YOGA & MEDITATION with the famous yoga master Darshana Prasad Thewaperuma.

Furthermore, we provide you with Ayurvedic toothpaste, shampoo and soap, hand towels, bath towels and sarongs for the treatments throughout your stay.

Low Season Rates


April – October

14 days/13 nights Panchakarma Package
2.015 Euro per person in a Double Room
2.015 Euro per person in a Single Room
2.535 Euro per person in the Double Suite

21 days/20 nights Panchakarama Package
3.100 Euro per person in a Double Room
3.100 Euro per person in a Single Room
3.900 Euro per person in the Double Suite

High Season Rates


November – März

14 days/13 nights Panchakarma Package
2.587 Euro per person in a Double Room
3.185 Euro per person in a Single Room
3.185 Euro per person in the Double Suite

21 days/20 nights Panchakarama Package
3.980 Euro per person in a Double Room
4.300 Euro per person in a Single Room
4.900 Euro per person in the Double Suite

On your arrival day we will treat you with a foot massage so you can relax and unwind from your strenuous flight. On your departure day, you will receive a packed lunch to have a healthy meal for your journey back home.


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The entire team at Pure Nature Ayurveda House is looking forward to fulfil your wishes. We will attentively guide you through your Ayurveda experience. Our team comprises the management, our Ayurveda doctor, four Ayurveda therapists, the service crew, the room boys and our gardeners. Offering ample calmness and empathy, we are always at your disposal to ensure that you enjoy a relaxing stay within a fascinating natural environment.

Pure Nature